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If you are thinking about moving your IT to the cloud and need advice on what's the best option for your business talk to Ontraq. Small companies are often dependent on a single connection to the Internet. If that fails, business suffers. So talk through your concerns and the options with Ontraq.

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Cloud computing represents an opportunity for companies to reduce their IT costs and simplify their technology. The cloud provides a way for your business to access common hardware and software applications on shared resources in a highly scalable and cost effective manner, by moving your IT systems out of your office and into a secure data centre.

Cloud storage allows hardware, software or services to be 'hosted’ on the web and accessed using an Internet connection. In many cases they are subscription based which means the cost of ownership is low enabling you to manage them through your monthly budgeting rather than making capital investments.

Moving your IT systems into the cloud will give you:

  • Fixed monthly cost
  • Service Level Agreement for performance and availability
  • No upfront capital expenditure
  • Flexible remote and mobile working
  • Anti-Virus included
  • Data backup included
  • Disaster recovery built in

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