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IT security is critical to your business, and you need to protect your data, customer information, computers, servers and network resources. Ontraq will implement services for your office network security and your mobile device management.

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As email has become the primary business communications method it is vital to ensure that your email systems are safe and reliable.

As a first choice supplier for email services to many Essex businesses we have two options to guarantee your email availability and continuity.

If you have your own in-house Exchange email server then a cloud based email filtering system will ensure that when your email arrives it is virus and spam free. With almost 95% of all email that is transmitted across the internet being spam, filtering this out at the Internet level will save your bandwidth and server processor time.

Our in-house email filtering and web security system OnScan makes us pretty unique among IT support companies to have developed their own anti-spam system.

The OnScan service will provide a virtually guaranteed virus and spam free email service to you and in the event of your in-house server failing for any reason the OnScan service will continue to receive your email until you are back on line.

As an alternative to having your own in-house email server and using a filtering system we can offer a fully hosted Exchange 2010 email system for a simple monthly fee. This approach is an easy way to guarantee a reliable email service with no upfront capital expenditure on hardware, software or licenses. A hosted Exchange 2010 service is fully compatible with Blackberry and iPhone devices.

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